Interiors Projects

Ranges and Materials

We have a wide range of styles for our clients who can also provide us with pictures and ideas of what they want and in the measurement they request. All of our products are made by real hardwood and we do understand the characteristic of different types of wood, for example:

OAK: One of the most popular used hardwoods. It is heavy, strong and light color. It is widely used for American and English design.
WALNUT: One of the most versatile woods for making cabinet. It is strong, hard and durable without being excessively heavy.
CHERRY: Sometimes called fruitwood. It is a moderately hard, red-brown color wood. It resists warping but easy to carve and polish.
MAHOGANY: Strong with a uniform porous structure, in a reddish brown color. It is extensively used in the crafting of Empire and Victorian style furniture.
MAPLE: It is so hard and resistant to shock. The sized pores diffuse evenly and give the wood a fine texture and even grain. The bird eye figure in maple is quite rare too.
ROSEWOOD: It is very hard and has a dark reddish brown color. It is fragrant and close grained. Rosewood is also widely used in musical instruments.
TEAK: It is a yellow to dark brown hardwood which is extremely hard, strong and durable. It shows straight grain and mottled figure. And it is of high value.