At CAZ Interiors, we manage services as one of the most important party of our organization. All of our retail representatives have been well trained. They try to view and seek information from the customers’ shoes by asking questions and really listen to them before placing the order which provides us with more understanding of their ideas and how they want the “Make To Order” furniture being built.

When orders are taken from our clients, we can provide sketches and color samples under request. If there is any alternation, first, we listen to the opinions from our clients. Then we use our knowledge and professionalism to finalize the changes and ensure that the best furniture is being produced.

“The virtues of patience” has also been built in our representatives’ mind. It is a key to communicate with our clients. We realized what we do because we do it all day. But what may be familiar to us could be new information to our customers.

Receiving feedback from the customers is also a care habit of us because through feedback and criticism, we can ensure that customers fully understand how we are going to make their furniture in order to reduce most of misunderstanding through the communication.

Customer care does not limit by providing good services or being patient but also considering the needs of our customers. That is why we have been providing “Make To Order” furniture since we start up our business in Hong Kong. And we treat each piece of order as an art piece because it is very special and unique. Earlier before, we have already realized home needs furniture but the size of the houses and rooms are different so as the allocation of the furniture in the flat. Custom made furniture can fulfill the fitted size, compatible tone with the house decoration and the most important is it can be made in the style which our customers like.

Delivery & installation is also an important part of our care. Furniture are well packed before delivery, our staffs are very careful if installation is needed. It is because we want to prevent damages happen.
Good furniture can last for a very long time. Because of that, accident, human damages, daily usage and weather affect are always getting the furniture materials decline. By providing maintenance, refurbishment and repairing services, customers can always keep their unique furniture as new as the time they purchase. And that is also good for our living environment because less old furniture have to be abandoned.

We know services provide to clients before, during and after sales are essential, our customer service does not only provide experience that meets our customers’ expectation but also create satisfied customers. By providing this kind of services through the last few decades, we have already built up a valuable customer network and will keep up in the coming future.