Furniture design, safety and Health

We all know that safety and health should never be ignored for the furniture products. When we determine the form of each furniture component, we specify production processes which including the design and the infrastructure of the furniture. Of course customers’ opinions and ideas are very important for the “make to order” furniture, but there is still a limit which physically cannot be built under the imagination. That’s why our learnt staffs and professional craftsman will always giving the correct advice of the furniture structure in order to fill full the safety needs and the customers’ wants.

Material is also one of the key factors for the furniture. The fundamental material for our furniture is wood. We are using real wood instead of the plywood, hollow wood or fiberboard. Real wood furniture is strong enough and it is easily satisfying all furniture applications, and also it can last for centuries. And because of long lasting, less damaged furniture waste will be produced which is also an environmental protection behavior. And also because our furniture is using real wood, it doesn’t like the plywood furniture using urea-formaldehyde or phenol-formaldehyde glue which are carcinogenic in very high concentrations.

When we are talking about the furniture and toxic chemical, we will think about the coating after the wood surfaced is prepared. The coating usually consists of several materials: wax, shellac, drying oil, lacquer, varnish, or paint. Some of the coating materials are toxic and harmful to human being. But our company is always using those paints and varnishes coating with very low volatile organic compounds (VOC) which have been certificated by SGS and all of them are under the regulation. As we all know that SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. They are recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. Our varnishes and paints have also got the test reports from SGS, it gives our customers assurance for purchasing from us too.